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Something from the Nightside - Simon R. Green After five years in London, John Taylor gets drawn back into the machinations of the Nightside when Joanna Barrett hires him to find her daughter. The trail takes him all over the Nightside and nothing is ever as it first seems...

I've had this on my bookcase for over a year and I finally gave it a read on vacation. It's light and obviously the first in a long series but I dig it just the same.

The Nightside is a pocket dimension that lies in part of London populated will all kinds of nasties. John Taylor has a vaguely described gift that lets him find lost things. Pretty cool. I like that Taylor is far from being a superhero and actually not very brave. The supporting characters are good, not cardboard like many secondary characters in books of this type. Razor Eddie stands out in particular, as do the Harrowing.

Easter eggs about. The one that really stands out is a cameo by Michael Moorcock's Jerry Cornelius.

Not a bad read. Fans of the Dresden Files and Glen Cook's Garrett books will enjoy it.