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Nightingale's Lament - Simon R. Green While in hiding for causing blackouts all over the Nightside, John Taylor gets hired to find out why fans of a singer called the Nightingale are killing themselves. Taylor hooks up with Dead Boy, an undead youth eternally 17 years old and the trail takes them up against Mrs. and Mr. Cavendish, the Nightingale's managers. What sinister secret is at the heart of Nightingale's strange behavior, as well as that of her suicidal fans?

Simon Green is one sick bastard. I mean that in the best way possible. Who else could string beasts from the Outer Darkness, transvestites, sleep walking thugs, a shapeshifting prostitute, and the creepiest pair this side of Croup and Vandemar from Neverwhere? Mr. and Mrs. Cavendish were extremely unsettling in their behavior. The nod to Doc Savage in the form of Julian Advent, Victorian Adventurer was a nice touch. One of the things I enjoy about the Nightside books are all the easter eggs thrown in.

As always, the dark biting humor is present, as well as a generous spoonful of gore. The story was good although it wrapped up a little too nicely in the end. I am pleased at how quickly the overall plot progresses in the Nightside books as opposed to a certain other series I could name. I won't mention names but it rhymes with Darry Hresden.