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Pigs Have Wings - P.G. Wodehouse What have I learned from this book? Wodehouse gets lightyears of mileage out of the same basic plot time and time again. Pigs Have Wings has the same plot elements as the other Blandings Castle books:

1) a pig napping
2) a broken engagement
3) an imposter at the castle

Here's how it went down:
Sir Gregory Parsloe brings in a ringer for the Fat Pig contest in an effort to keep the Empress of Blandings from three-peating. Clarence, Earl of Emsworth, is outraged. Not only that, Parsloe's niece is the pig keeper at Blandings Castle and his fiancee is staying at Blandings. Uncle Galahad, smooth player that he is, decides to kidnap the Queen of Matchingham in retaliation. Through in subplots about three broken engagements and a detective at Blandings and you have a classic Wodehouse romp. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments in this one.

A few months later: I lent my girlfriend this book and she said she liked it was better than The Code of the Woosters. That's about the highest praise a Wodehouse book can get.