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The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane - Robert E. Howard, Gary Gianni Since I've read half of this before as Skull in the Stars, I'll only be reviewing the complete stories I've yet to read, no fragments.

Hills of the Dead:
Solomon Kane and N'Longa go up against a group of vampires in some remote hills. Carnage ensues.

It's been a couple years since I read one of the Solomon Kane stories. Howard's Puritan adventurer is quite a bit different from Conan but still quite good. The staff N'Longa give Kane to use proves to be invaluable and I loved the way the vampires were dealt with in the end. While I enjoyed this tale of vampires in Africa quite a bit, the racism of the time is quite apparent.

Wings in the Night:
Solomon Kane runs afoul of a cannibal and gets drawn into a situation involving harpies.

As with the previous story, the harpies are quite gruesome and Kane dispatches them ruthlessly. It's almost more horror than fantasy.

The Footfalls Within:
Kane gets captured by slave traders. More info about his staff is revealed before the caravan runs across an ancient tomb with something malevolent trapped inside...

Once again, Howard throws Kane into a horror story, this time an ancient evil from the time of Solomon. Of the three stories I hadn't yet read when I picked up this volume, this was probably my favorite.

While I like Solomon Kane more than Kull and Bran Mak Morn, I still prefer Conan. Still, Kane's stories are chilling adventures, more akin to horror than fantasy. If you can stomach casual racism of the time they were written in, they're quite good.