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The New Teen Titans: Terra Incognito - Marv Wolfman, George Pérez, Romeo Tanghal With this volume, it's easy to see why The New Teen Titans was DC's top book back in he day. A lot of things happen in this one. The Terminator makes an appearance, Terra joins the team and is shown to be a double agent behind the scenes. Adrian Chase nearly dies and becomes the Vigilante. The Brotherhood of Evil makes an appearance. Cheshire debuts. Kid Flash and Robin both contemplate quitting. Compared to today's comics, that's a hell of a lot of happenings in eight issues.

George Perez and Marv Wolfman show why their book was #1 in its day. Perez's art is detailed and nearly as good as it is today. Wolfman's writing is also good. You wonder why DC hasn't teamed the two on a book lately.

On a side note, the first issue contained within, New Teen Titans #26, is one of the first comics I remember buying with my hard earned allowance.