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Crooked Little Vein - Warren Ellis Down and out detective Michael McGill gets hired by a shady government type to find the Constituition. The real Constituition. McGill's case takes him deeper and deeper into a bizarre subculture of sex and drugs. Can he find the Constituition AND maintain his sanity?

I bought this in an airport a few years ago and devoured it on a three hour flight. I was a big fan of Ellis's after reading the Transmetropolitan comic for a couple years and wanted to see what he could do with a novel.

Ellis surprised the hell out of me. The Crooked Little Vein is one part noir, two parts weirdness. McGill's quest leads him throuh all kinds of weirdness. We get people masturbating to Godzilla movies, people injecting their genitals with saline, and all kinds of other strangeness. Not for the easily offended but quite an entertaining read.