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Top of The Heap - A.A. Fair, Erle Stanley Gardner Donald Lam of the Cool and Lam detective agency is hired to find two women for John Carver Billings The Second in order to provide him an alibi in the disappearance of a mobster's girlfriend. Lam soon figures out that the evidence proving Billings's alibi has been fabricated and wants to find out why, leading him into a web of intrigue involving murder, a mining scam, and illegal gambling.

So I liked this one but it's not at the top of my Hard Case list. The plot was great but the dialogue got on my nerves after awhile. It seemed like everyone spoke in detective lingo. This was particularly annoying when Lam was talking to the widow Bishop and Billings's lady friends. The mining scam seemed overly complex. Other than that, I thought it was really entertaining.