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Drawing Heat the Hard Way - Larry Matysik Larry Matysik, the face of Wrestling at the Chase and author of two other books about wrestling, gives more of his insight into the wrestling business...

First things first, I loved Larry's other two books about wrestling, Wrestling at Chase and Brody. That's why it pains me to say this book was meh city. It felt like stuff that wasn't good enough for the other two books, as well as stretching some topics that got a paragraph in Wrestling at the Chase into chapters and milking the hell out of them. The other two books were full of entertaining road stories. This one was more about booking philosophy, developing talent, etc. Definitely not the most exciting part of the business to read about. Worse, about half of the book was him kissing Vince McMahon's ass. I quit watching wrestling years ago because of the rampant ass-kissery.

Not horrible but not recommended. Stop after Wrestling at the Chase and Brody.