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God Save The Child - Robert B. Parker Kevin Bartlett has been kidnapped and it's up to Spenser to find him. But was he really kidnapped in the first place... ?

The second Spenser book picks weeks after the first left off and does a good job fleshing out Spenser's character a bit more. Susan Silverman is added to the supporting cast and will provide Spenser with a steady girlfriend for a long time to come from what I hear. The case itself was a little on the predictable side, although the drugs and pimping made it a little more complex. Spenser rose a few notches in my esteem in this outing.

The Bartletts were well realized supporting characters, especially since they'll probably be one shots. I felt sorry for Roger and pitied his drunken slattern of a wife.

After reading the first two Spenser books, I've noticed that Parker spends a fair bit of time describing Spenser's meal preparation. Not a gripe, just an observation.

All things considered, I was quite pleased with God Save the Child and plan to nab the next one when I run across it.