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Primary Target: A Quarry Novel - Max Allan Collins Quarry is retired from the business, runs a hotel, and has a young pregnant wife. One day, a man offers Quarry a one million dollar contract to kill a presidential candidate. Quarry refuses and several days later, men kill his wife, their unborn child, and his wife's brother. With everything taken from him, Quarry goes looking for whomever wanted to hire him to do the hit and settle things... permanently!

Primary Target was short but really good. Quarry does what he does best, acting cool and calculated despite the circumstances. For once, Quarry is a sympathetic character, although he's still a bastard. The story had a few twists, though I saw the last one coming miles away. There wasn't as much action as some of the other Quarry tales but it had enough twists and turns to make up for it.