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The Chrysalids - John Wyndham The Chrysalids is my new favorite John Wyndham book. It's about conformity in a post-nuclear holocaust world. David and his friends live in an isolated community called Waknuk on the island of Labrador. After seeing one of his friends cast out into the Fringes for having a sixth toe, David begins mistrusting his upbringing. Once he discovers that he and a small group of his friends are telepathic, things only get worse.

Wyndham draws on the paranoia and distrust of the deviations from the norm that he uses in his other books, making David's plight seem all too plausible. I'd recommend this to all fans of John Wyndham and 50's sf in general, dystopian future fans, as well as people who dug The Giver and it's two companion books.