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Dread Brass Shadows: A Garrett, P.I. Novel - Glen Cook Garrett's sometime girlfriend Tinnie gets knifed in a case of mistaken identity. The trail leads Garrett to a mysterious Dwarven book called The Book of Shadows and everyone that's after it, including a voluptuous rehead...

This was probably my favorite of the Garrett books so far. Garrett is in fine form, much more entertaining than the previous volume. Winger, an amazon of a woman, is introduced and fills the role Saucerhead and Morley normally take. Chodo Contague's top guys, Sadler and Crask, are fleshed out a bit and the amulet Garrett got in the third book finally comes into play. The story was better than usual although I thought the ending was a little on the cheap side. Still, there were some good surprises.