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The Anubis Gates (Ace Science Fiction) - Tim Powers Brendan Doyle is an expert on Samuel Coleridge and a contemporary of his, William Ashbless, hired by a crazy millionaire to take part in a trip through a hole in the river of time. Rich clients have paid Darrow, the millionaire, a million dollars each to travel back to a Coleridge lecture in 1805. Only something goes wrong, as it does in most time travel stories...

Powers's writing is good without having needless descriptions. His depiction of the early 1800's is really vivid. I found a few of the plot twists obvious but that might be because Three Days to Never used similar themes.

The Anubis Gates is really good as far as time travel stories go and features such diverse elements as magicians, body-swapping, ape men, two competing camps of beggars, and all kinds of other craziness that seem to be Tim Powers's bread and butter.