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The Green Odyssey - Philip José Farmer The Green Odyssey is about Alan Green (get it? Alan Green? Green Odyssey?), an Earth man stranded on a primitive world that's largely a giant, level grassy plain. He has a nagging wife and a side job as the gigolo for a pretty but unwashed Duchess. When he gets wind of a ship crashing near a far away city, he sees his ticket home.

The book is largely a journey, with Green as a passenger on one of the wheeled wooden ships. Along the way, he encounters crazy creatures, leftover tech from an ancient race, and a little cat he named Lady Luck.

While I enjoyed The Green Odyssey most of the time, it wasn't up to the standards of the other PJF books I've read. The main character wasn't all that likeable and not very believable at times. You can definitely tell it's one of PJF's early stories. It lacks the polish of the later ones.