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Showcase Presents: World's Finest, Vol. 2 - Jerry Coleman, Ed Herron, Dave Wood, Bill Finger, Edmond Hamilton, Curt Swan, George Klein, Various I'm not going to lie. The main reason I picked this volume up was because it features the first appearance and origin of the Composite Superman, one of my all time favorite cheesy Silver Age villains. Come on! He's Superman on one side, Batman on the other, has green skin and the powers of the entire Legion of Superheroes!

Other than that, we have alien attacks, a visit to Kandor with Robin and Jimmy Olsen, Bat-Mite teaming with Mr. Mxysptlk, and a zillion instances of Batman getting super powers. Seriously, how often did Batman get super powers during the 50's and 60's?

Overall, this is better written than volume one but just as cheesy.