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Agents of Light and Darkness - Simon R. Green John Taylor gets hired by a priest from the Vatican to find the Unholy Grail, the cup Judas drank from at the last supper. Standing in Taylor's way are all the other people looking for the Grail: Walker from the Authorities, angels from Above and Below, Nasty Jack, and others. With Suzie Shooter at his side, can Taylor find the Grail and walk out of this situation alive?

Agents of Light and Darkness is like a Ramones song. Short but, at the same time, the perfect length. Both the humor and horror are turned up a notch from the first volume. Stuff like Belle and the Speaking Gun gave me the shivers. The relationship between Taylor and Suzie is well done not a cliche. The mystery surrounding who Taylor's mother is deepens, as well as her connection to The Collector. A lot of things in this book make me hungry for the next one: Merlin Satanspawn, Walter, Suzie Shooter's past, The Collector, etc.

So, after two books, how does the Nightside stack up against the Dresden Files? I'm not prepared to say which I prefer but I will say this. I like the pace of the Nightside better. The overall plot advances much faster than that of the Dresden Files. Also, the horror factor much higher and Taylor's enemies are much more memorable because of it. Belle, Jessica Sorrow, and Nasty Jack and his ragdoll dance partner will stick with me for a long time.