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Conan And The Songs Of The Dead - Joe R. Lansdale, Timothy Truman Here's a Dangerous Dan review I did for BlackPigeon:

Sometimes, like when you're waiting for a corpse to finish bleeding out in your bathtub so you can dismember it without making such a mess, you need some quick entertainment. Look no further.

Conan and the Songs of the Dead collects a miniseries published by Dark Horse a year or so ago. Songs of the Dead stars the barbarian we all know and love. The illustrator is the esteemed Tim Truman, artist of modules from the golden age of gaming, as well as comics like Scout and the good issues of Grimjack. I could easily go off on a Grimjack tangent but I'll save that for another time. The author of this piece is Joe R. Lansdale, write of such literary gems as the Hap and Leonard series as well as Bubba Hotep. Lansdale and Truman collaborated on several Jonah Hex miniseries for DC a few years ago so Dangerous Dan got really excited when he heard they were tackling the one and only Conan.

The story is as follows: Conan and his comic relief sidekick Alvazar, are charged with retrieving an artifact that looks like a jeweled minotaur penis and bring it to a sorcerer. The sorcerer plans to use the artifact to open a doorway into another dimension and release a great evil. Songs of the Dead is full of dark humor, decapitations, and monsters, like a Conan story should be.