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Red Iron Nights - Glen Cook A serial killer driven by an ancient curse is on the loose in TunFaire and it's up to Garrett to stop him. Meanwhile, Chodo is a vegetable after the events of the previous volume and Crask and Sadler are set on putting Garrett in the ground.

The tension level in this one was pretty high, especially for a book of this type. While I knew Garrett would win out in the end, I didn't know how many more victims would be killed before then.

I'm pleased that the Garrett books are getting better instead of worse. Glen Cook's writing is getting better but I think the real reason is that the overall plot in the background is moving along, unlike other series I could name (I'm looking at you, Dresden!). It looks like the war in the Cantard is nearly over. We'll see if Glory Mooncalled gets brought to justice in the next book.