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The Log: A Dwarfer's Guide to Everything - Craig Charles, Russell Bell Craig Charles, the actor that portrays Lister on Red Dwarf, offers up witty (or nearly witty) observations and/or advice on nearly every aspect of life.

First off, this has next to nothing to do with Red Dwarf, even though the word Dwarf is in the title and Charles is in his Lister garb on the cover. Once you get past that, you can almost enjoy this.

While there are some funny bits, The Log was just a way to pass the time until the mailman delivered the complete Firefly dvd set to my house. Some of the humor was good but most of the time it seemed forced. I mainly picked it up to add to my collection of Red Dwarf memorabilia and it serves that purpose nicely. If only Chris Barrie would write a book of Rimmer-isms...