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Colony - Rob Grant Eddie O'Hare, perennial loser, switches places with C.P. Gordon, a genius level social scientist, and embarks on a voyage to the stars aboard the Willflower, a colony ship designed to take the cream of the crop on an extended voyage to another world. Eddie ends up in deep freeze and awakens ten generations later, appalled at what's become of the crew...

So I bought this because Rob Grant was half of the team that wrote Red Dwarf. While Colony feels like an exceptionally dark episode of Red Dwarf, it's just not the same. For one thing, there isn't a whole lot of humor and what there is seems forced. While I got a few chuckles, I feel like there was a reason the partnership was called Grant Naylor and this book perfectly illustrates that. It's as if Dough Naylor ran off with the joke book and left Grant with what was left over. This feels like a Red Dwarf plot that wasn't funny enough to make the cut. I'd give it a 2.5 if I could but not a 3.