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War Slut - Carlton Mellick III Crying Hugh Jake and the rest of his platoon hunt draft dodgers in the Arctic wastelands with their shape-shifting sex droid, the War Slut, in tow. Will any of them leave the polar desert alive?

War Slut is reminiscent of John Carpenter's The Thing. It has that paranoid feel. The strange doll creatures the soldiers find in the Arctic are suitably creepy. Sweet, the War Slut, was actually a fairly sympathetic character. Jake was okay. The rest of the characters were pretty thin, as was the story.

Remember in high school when you had to write a paper of a certain length and resorted to messing with the font and margins to meet your requirements? That's what War Slut is like. The print is huge and the margins seem wide to me. It's barely novella length but stretched out to 70-something pages. Stretch it as much as you want, it still feels like a ripoff at $7.95.

That's about all I can say. War Slut was a disappointment after the last Carlton Mellick III I read, The Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland, and felt like a misfire. To use a sexual analogy, if Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland had been a spectacular sexual experience, War Slut was just a wet dream.