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Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick - Double D Double Cross - Christa Faust A woman hires Butch Fatale to find her missing girlfriend. When the girl turns up dead of an apparent drug overdose, Butch finds herself ensnared in a web of sex, blackmail, sex, drugs, sex, and murder...

Earlier in the year, I plunked down some of my cash for Christa Faust's Kickstarter campaign. This is one of the things I received in return.

Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick, is Christa Faust's love-letter to the cheesy detective pulps of the fifties and sixties, only with a lot more lesbian sex. She's like a female Mike Hammer, only with better writing and a hotter secretary.

The tale had so many twists and turns I had no idea where it was going, just like the stories Faust was paying homage to. Butch went from the frying pan to the fire so many times she probably had burn marks on her ass by the end of the story. A simple investigation into a missing girl wound up much more complicated than it originally appeared.

Faust's writing is as it always is; punchy and humorous while still conveying the necessary seriousness of the situation. Still, there is a scene depicting a naked lesbian detective trying to outrun her pursuers on a skateboard so it isn't all serious.

While it wasn't as dark as the other Faust books I've read, Hoodtown, Choke Hold, or Money Shot, it was still a very entertaining read. I'm anxious to read the next one once it's available.