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Blood & Tacos # 1 - Johnny Shaw,  Gary Phillips,  Cameron Ashley,  Christopher Blair,  Matthew C. Funk The inaugural entry in what I hope is a long series, Blood & Tacos # 1 is bursting with manly pulpy goodness straight from the 1970's. Five cheesily awesome stories are barely contained between its formidable virtual covers.

Much like Black Dynamite, the tales within are true to the source material, intentionally cheezy but played almost deadly serious.

The five stories are drawn from the full spectrum of men's adventure novels. You've got the Russian dominated WWIII future Battleground USSA, the paramilitary group Tiger Team Bravo, blaxploitation bad ass The Silencer, the alcohol-fueled ass kicker The Albino Wino, and Chingon, the world's deadliest Mexican.

I have to admit, Chingon's tale is by far my favorite. It's like watching Machete if the last thirty or forty minutes didn't suck. How could I not like a story with this quote:
“Many have been curious about Chingón’s deadliness, gringo,” Chingón said, “Most of them are muerto. Dead and buried. Because I killed them. Killed them until they were dead. Dead and buried.”

Plus, he uses grenades and a bull whip. A bull whip!

Blood & Tacos # 1 also contains reviews of three classic Men's Adventures. I'm almost ashamed to admit I want to track down Penetrator #14 to experience it for myself.

It's only a buck for the Kindle or free on the website so if you like 70's inspired pulp, your cheap ass has no excuse but to pick up Blood & Tacos # 1!