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Bradley Sands is a **** - Andersen Prunty,  Bradley Sands,  Kek-w,  Kristin Fouquet,  Cameron Pierce,  Tony Rauch,  Jess Gulbranson,  Sam Pink,  Elizabeth O'Hara,  Jordan Krall,  Carlton Mellick III,  D. Harlan Wilson,  Mykle Hansen,  Garrett Cook,  Michael James Gibbs,  Katy Wimhurst,  Micah Hac Apparently so many people think that Bradley Sands is a Dick that a spite-themed anthology was put together. Every story in it is entitled "Bradley Sands is a Dick." You can download it here.

Is Bradley Sands a Dick? Well, if half of the deeds attributed to him in the anthology are true, then yes.

Seriously though, there is some hilarious shit in here. Don't try to read it in your cube unless you're good at stifling laughter. I'd say my favorite stories were Jordan Krall's story about Bradley Sands doing a William Burroughs impression, Mykle Hansen's list of Bradley Sands' possessions, and Katy Wimhurst's tale about Bradley Sands' thirteenth arrest that reads like a Monty Python sketch.

So, give it a try and judge whether or not Bradley Sands is the biggest dick who ever lived or just your average run-of-the-mill dick.

Note: You can read my short interview with Bradley Sands here.