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Promised Land (Spenser, #4) - Robert B. Parker Spenser gets hired to track down a business man's missing wife. His search for the wife leads him to a group of militant feminists and he quickly discovers the husband is in debt to a local loan shark, King Powers. Can Spenser get the couple back together without being gunned down by the King?

This is the fourth Spenser book I've read and my favorite so far. Spenser's inner nature is explored, his relationship with Susan Silverman progresses, he passes up some easy tail for once, and he runs into Hawk, the bad ass black man against which all others should be measured. I'll admit, I'm barely old enough to remember Spenser for Hire but I sure remember Avery Brooks as Hawk.

The two different plots were well done and I was pleased at how Spenser made them intersect. Spenser's character continues to develop beyond the Philip Marlowe detective stereotype.

Any gripes? Not really. I don't really understand the appeal of Susan Silverman, though. Hawk is cleary Spenser's true soulmate.

Four easy stars. I'm eager to get a hold of the next one.