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Holden Caulfield takes the Breakfast Club hostage!

Rage - Richard Bachman

Charlie Decker takes a room full of his classmates hostage. Will any of them walk out alive?

In this Bachman book, Holden Caulfield takes the Breakfast Club hostage with a pistol. At least, that's what the book feels like to me.

Rage is a really quick read, short and to the point. It's also not that great. King can say he wanted it out of print because of all the school shootings in the last couple decades but I have to wonder if quality wasn't also a contributing factor.

Charlie Decker is a bit of a outcast and has a whole dresser drawer full of issues. His classmates, seemingly normal, aren't without problems themselves. John Hughes at gunpoint is a good way to describe most of what goes on in the book. If snipers were watching the windows of the library in the Breakfast Club, Rage is probably what the result would be like.

I don't have a lot to say about this one. The ending was unexpected. I'll give Bachman/King that. Other than that, I'm glad it was short. 2 stars. I hope this doesn't lead to Stephen King rejecting my friend request.