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Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere

Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere (Time Trips) - Jenny Colgan

The Doctor and Clara land on a planet that's not on any maps and neither the Doctor or The TARDIS have any knowledge of it. After a series of harrowing experiences, a walking skeleton beckons them to follow. Will they survive their meeting with the King of Bones? Of course they will. He's The Doctor!

I got this from Netgalley. Thanks, Netgalley!

Into the Nowhere is a short adventure featuring The Eleventh Doctor and Clara. Unlike some Doctor Who fiction I've read, The Doctor and his companion, Clara in this case, are very well written and consistent with their personalities from the show. The Doctor had some good jokes and even a couple tender moments. 

The story is a little hokey but still fun. There's quicksand, walking skeletons, giant snakes, and a demented mastermind in the center of it all. It could have easily been a series seven episode.

This was a short story so there's not a lot more of the plot I can divulge without giving everything away. Even though it wasn't the best Doctor Who story I've ever read, the depiction of the Doctor and Clara turned what might have been a two star read into something I enjoyed. Three out of five stars.