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Crawl - Edward Lorn

A couple whose marriage is in a state of crisis gets into a horrible car cash and Juliet winds up nailed to a post in the woods. She manages to get free but has to crawl for her life from the thing roaming the woods...

I'm going to take a detour before I get into the meat of the review. Most of us have been spammed by authors, an approach that never works. I'm much more likely to become interested in a writer's work if they also display their love of reading. When Edward Lorn put out the call to read this ARC, I jumped at the chance since he's demonstrated he's a writer that still loves to read. I was not disappointed.

You know that when the horrific car accident is just part of the setup in a horror story, you're on to something good. Crawl is a tale of desperation and survival, both of a couple's dying marriage and a woman trying to get away from a supernatural horror on a pair of shredded feet.

Since it's a novelette, that's all I'm going to divulge about the plot. Edward Lorn's writing is polished and chilling, like Robert McCammon or a young Stephen King. Juliet was a great character and her struggles were powerful, both with forgiving her husband and trying not to be torn apart. My feet stung in sympathy for her.

I can't help but think that, for me, the best thing about testing the waters over at Booklikes was that it lead to me discovering Edward Lorn. Four out of five stars.