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My Grim List

Since I've had fun reading a few of these today, I'm whipping out my own grim list.  All Hail Grimlock!


1.  I've written seven novels but I only consider the last two to be worth working on beyond the first draft.


2.  I take a ton of pictures and have made more money with photography than writing so far.


3.  I'm into hiking and geocaching but only when the weather is reasonably nice.


4.  I once taught myself to draw the Archie comic book characters over a long weekend in the hopes of snagging a drawing gig.  Didn't pan out.


5.  I wasn't a dog person until my brother got a puppy for Valentine's day and promptly dumped it in my lap.  Fourteen years later, Belle is still walking me two miles a day.


6.  From ages 19 to 23, I lifted weights for 90 minutes a day, 6 days a week.  Now I'm a two day a week guy if that.


7.  I worked security at K-mart during my second, much more successful stint in college.  I think trailing people and trying to catch them stealing planted the seeds for my love of detective fiction later on.


8.  I've had more dreams about The Dark Tower than all other books combined.


9.  Try new foods is something I really enjoy.  I once ate black pudding, white pudding, and blood pudding at the same meal.


10.  Cremation all the way if I should ever happen to die.  Probably with all my books lighting the pyre.