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Since I already have a review, here are some closing thoughts from the 2014 reread

The Gunslinger  - Stephen King

In the forward, King mentioned he pushed everything else aside to finish the last three books because he felt like he had a sense of responsibility to his readers. If only George R.R. Martin felt that way...

It is mentioned that Roland is the kind of man who straightens pictures in strange hotel rooms. Is this a hint of his obsessiveness?

I notice something new every time I read this book. If I had to pick one book that made me want to write, it would be this one.

[The Man in Black tells Roland he must slay the Ageless Stranger in order to reach the top of the Tower. Since Roland learns that HE is the Ageless Stranger in The Dark Tower, I think it means that he's going to have to put his obsession with the Dark Tower to rest if he's ever going to reach the top.

Also, I caught myself hoping Jake wouldn't fall AGAIN.