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The Fourth Motive

The Fourth Motive - Sean Lynch

Someone is stalking DA Paige Callen, someone who can guess her every move. Her father hires Bob Farrell to catch her stalker since the cops have proven ineffective. Can Farrell persuade Kearns to help him catch the lunatic and stay one step ahead of the PD? And will Paige let them?

I got this from Exhibit A via Netgalley.

There's not a whole lot scarier than a killer that's constantly one step ahead of the police and makes the victim powerless to stop him. That's the running theme of The Fourth Motive, the second Farrell and Kearns thriller from Sean Lynch.

Much like Vernon Slocum in the first book, the villain of The Fourth Motive is frighteningly capable. Bob Farrell is in fine form, drinking whiskey, talking smack, and backing it all up against corrupt cops and anyone else who gets in the way. Kearns, who I originally thought would have more of a starring role in the series, provides the Bad Ass Friend firepower for a lot of the book.

Since this book is one long cat and mouse game, there's not a lot more I want to reveal about the plot. I like the way Kearns was used since Farrell is a far more interesting character. The killer's connection to Paige was well done and not an overused cliche. However, I didn't like this book as much as Dangerous Prey.

My problem with this book was Paige Callen. For the first 80% of the book, she was so stubborn I wouldn't have minded her stalker getting her. A man saves you from getting raped and/or murdered and you try to prosecute him for carrying an unlicensed firearm? Really? Really? She was also so resistant to protection that I hoped Farrell would give Judge Callen his money back and leave her to her own devices.

Anyway, the book was pretty good despite Paige being pretty unlikeable for most of the book. Three stars. I'll be picking up the next Farrell and Kearns book.