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Cruelty: Episode 4

Cruelty (Episode Four) - Edward Lorn

Tom Morgan is in a coma but still alive. Twon and Ollie go looking for Will Longmire and their money. Markum is closing in on Cruelty and Forgiveness is on the loose. Oh, and Merlo the cowardly dog and Randy Miser join forces.

Mama Lorn's little boy has done it again. While Cruelty didn't make an appearance, a lot of dominos were set up in this installment. The setting is starting to feel a little True Detective-ish, always a good thing.

There's not a lot more I can say without revealing too much. As always, the episode blew by and left me wanting more. I'm looking forward to rereading the series in one whack once the whole series is released. Four stars out of five stars.