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Doctor Who: Touched By An Angel

Doctor Who: Touched by an Angel: The Monster Collection Edition - Jonathan Morris

Eight years after his wife's death, Mark Whitaker receives a letter from his future self, giving him instructions on how to save her. But why are the Weeping Angels following Mark? And can The Doctor, with Rory and Amy in tow, stop the Weeping Angels from rewriting history? Of course he can! He's the Doctor...

I got this from Netgalley.

I have a few Doctor Who tie-in novels under my belt at this stage in the game and few of them really manage to capture the feel of a Doctor Who episode. Touched By An Angel could have easily been a fifth or sixth series Doctor Who Adventure. 

The plot looks pretty simple on the surface. Mark gets a letter for himself and tries to stop his wife from being killed in a car accident. However, Touched By An Angel uses a lot of timey-wimey stuff and has more twists and curves than a Moebius strip.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are well-written and true to their episodic incarnations. Mark Whitaker is the character that sets this Doctor Who novel head and shoulders above most of the others. If you had a chance to undo the untimely death of the love of your life, wouldn't you do it?

Once Mark finds himself in the past, the plot really starts twisting in on itself. The Weeping Angel's plot makes a lot of sense, as does the actions future Mark, the Doctor, Amy, and the Rories(?) take in order to make sure history doesn't get rewritten and empower the Weeping Angels. Mark's final fate is right in line with some of the more poignant Doctor Who endings.

That's about all I can say without spoiling too much. If you're looking for an Eleventh Doctor novel, this is the best one I've run across so far. Four out of five stars.