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Doctor Who: A Handful of Stardust

Doctor Who: A Handful of Stardust (Time Trips) - Jake Arnott

The sixth Doctor and Peri get yanked back to the 16th century by John Dee. After a clash of egos, The Doctor discovers The Master is pulling Dee's strings. But what does The Master have planned involving a super nova in the constellation Cassiopeia? Can the Doctor stop his schemes? Of course he can! He's the Doctor!

I got this from Netgalley.

I must admit, this is the first Doctor Who story I've read that features a Doctor I'm unfamiliar with, in this case, the Sixth Doctor. Still, that did little to impede my enjoyment.

A Handful of Stardust features such diverse elements as witchcraft, incubii, John Dee, super novas, and The Master. It feels very much like a standalone episode of Doctor Who, complete with uncertainty and a little running away. Just when The Master appears to get the upper hand, The Doctor works that old magic and things are resolved before the closing credits roll.

The Time Trips continue to be entertaining bits of Whoviana. Three out of five stars.