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Relic of Death

Relic of Death - David Bernstein

When their car breaks down, two hitmen find a safe in a cabin in the woods. Inside the safe is a briefcase full of diamonds and soon the hitmen are at odds. But is the briefcase more than a briefcase?

I got this from DarkFuse via Netgalley.

The DarkFuse novella series keeps barreling forward, mowing down all other novella series in its path. This entry, Relic of Death, is more crime than horror, centering around a tried and true crime fiction MacGuffin, the mysterious briefcase.

This particular briefcase, however, drives people to madness and death, appearing to contain what the possessor wants the most. I have to think that it may have been inspired by the mysterious briefcase from pulp fiction.

The Relic of Death travels from owner to owner, leaving blood and insanity in its wake. What more can you ask for in a mysterious briefcase? Four out of five stars.