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Critical Failures II - Fail Harder

Critical Failures II: Fail Harder - Robert Bevan

Trapped in the world of Creatures and Caverns, Tim, Dave, Cooper, and Julian struggle to find their way home, meeting a community of individuals also accosted by Mordred along the way.  But what has happened to Katherine and Chaz? 


The gang from Critical Failures is back in a second outing, continuing their quest to escape the world of Creatures and Caverns and settle Mordred's hash.


The humor of the first book is in full effect in the sequel.  The D&D in-jokes continue, as does the bodily function humor.  In addition, the boys have matured a bit, both in experience level and character-wise.


The story is a direct continuation and deals with another group of displaced C&C players, making a go of it in a fantasy world after being banished there by Mordred.  


I thought the vampire subplot was very well done.  My favorite part of the book, other than the masterwork wooden stake carved in the shape of a penis, was the excellent use of the Bag of Holding.


If I had to pick something to gripe about, it was that the humor was wearing a little thin by the end.  However, since I just finished the first book, I imagine I was suffering from overload.  Wait, I have something else to gripe about:  Where is the next book?


If you're a D&D gamer with a sense of humor, you won't want to miss this.  3.5 out of 5 stars.