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Debbie Does Monsterland

Debbie Does Monsterland (F*ck All Monsters, Book 1) - Emma Steele

Since growing 50 feet tall and being imprisoned in a scientific research facility, Nancy has trouble satisfying her womanly urges.  That is, until, she sees a documentary about Monster Island on TV and knows what she has to do.  Can Nancy escape her prison and make it Monster Island to satisfy her carnal urges?


Monsterotica is apparently a big deal.  While I find the concept somewhat ridiculous, I had to give this one a shot when it was free on the Kindle for a day.  How was it?


Dirty fun entertainment, that's how it was.  It's twisted smut and has some hilarious prose, both a parody of Monsterotica and (probably) some of the best written Monsterotica ever put to paper.


There's a certain poetry to the prose, funny considering it's a story about a 50 foot tall woman boning various daikaiju, or giant monsters.  Rodan, Gamera, and others all get a turn.  My main gripe with the book was that Godzilla didn't get a go at Nancy.


This was a three star read for me.  Monsterotica enthusiasts will probably rate it even higher.