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I Slept With Slenderman

I Slept with Slender Man - Emma  Steele

Virginia, the prettiest senior in Killmeister High, has a problem. All of the boys are too intimidated by her beauty to ask her out. When she witnesses her classmates having an orgy, the Slender Man appears to satisfy her needs...

Damn, this is some crazy shit. After reading Debbie Does Monsterland, I decided to give Emma Steele's initial effort a try. This is monsterotica with flavors of horror and bizarro stirred into the mix.

Wikipedia tells me The Slender Man existed before this short story. However, I don't think Slender Man got to impale a high school senior with DD breasts on his twenty foot penis before this story.

The writing is more like horror or bizarro writing than erotica. Still, the sexual component is there, only very, very, very strange.

I Slept With Slender Man is a pretty powerful and memorable short story. I'm not sure I liked it but it's memorable enough to hit four territory. Four out of five stars.