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Sheepsquatch  - I. Ronik

A girl is missing and Becky and her boyfriend Bobby Joe go looking for her. Was she killed by the mysterious Sheepsquatch or did something else befall her?


I got this from Netgalley.


The entry on Netgalley said this was a horror romance parody. There wasn't much in the way of humor, which seems like a necessary element in a parody. There was some romance but very little in the way of horror.


The Sheepsquatch had some potential and was the most interesting part of the story. The romance angle felted bolted on and on top of that, the Sheepsquatch didn't even have sex with anything and got very little action at all apart form some boob grabbage. I guess it did mock Twilight and similar books, although not in a way I found humorous.


The writing was adequate and parts of the story had a B-movie cheezy quality that I enjoyed. I guess the bottom line is I'm not really sure what this was trying to be. Two out of five stars.