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Full Moon Over Cedar Hill

Full Moon Over Cedar Hill - Edward Lorn

Immobile after a massive stroke, nursing home resident Peter Hoskins is waiting to die when the nursing home becomes the scene of an unholy massacre...


Nana Lorn's favorite grandson does it again.  This short story packs a lot of emotion into its pages, conveying the feeling of helplessness a paralyzed stroke victim must feel and the feeling of abandonment common to people living in nursing homes.


Since Full Moon is in the title, you can probably guess what's attacking the nursing home.  I love how Lorn shifts between moments from Pete's past to the utter terror of being trapped in a body that won't respond to your commands when supernatural beasties are lurking just down the hall.


The ending was unexpected and great.  If my family shoved me in a nursing home, I'd do the same thing.


Good stories featuring supernatural menaces of this type are hard to come by and Lorn knocked it out of the park.  Five out of five stars.