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Tentacle Monster Finds a Mate

Tentacle Monster Finds a Mate: When a tentacle monster fancies you, no place is safe, especially not the shower. - Alessa Montague

After watching her in the shower for months, the monster living in her drain musters the courage to express its love to Ada in a physical way.

Is that a polite summary of a story that's essentially one long tentacle rape scene? Although, if I get my monster porn terminology correct, it's actually dubcon, or dubious consent. That being said, I actually enjoyed it. Not in a "hey baby, let's push our twin beds together" sort of way, but more in the way I enjoy B-movie shlock.

It's hard to find a story overly stimulating when a woman has one (or more) tentacles penetrating every orifice simultaneously while others are fiddling with her naughty bits, I got the idea that Alessa Montague probably writes some good straight up smut in her other books. The writing was surprisingly good and probably would have been erotic if it didn't prominently feature an octopoid horror gets it's groove on.

Three stars. And it's free on the Kindle.